Walkie Talkie Vordon / Dignity T-388 set of 2 pieces


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Walkie Talkie Dignity T-388

What are the features of good two-way radios?

Features of good two-way radios ? No fees and reliable connectivity, it characterizes the best. Presented on this page walkie-talkie set  is equipped with a very powerful transmitter that will allow us to talk with a range of up to 5 kilometers. Ideally suited to places where no mobile coverage available . You will easily be in touch with others traveling in the mountains, in the woods or even on a construction site.

Walkie Talkie Dignity T-388

radios  are extremely useful wherever it is needed short distance communication . Sure, you can get along well on a cell phone, but you pay for a cell phone and there is not always coverage.

Walkie Talkie Dignity T-388

Why do we recommend this set of radios?

Because these two-way radios are reliable  and provide us instant connectivity . They have many functions, great specifications and have a clear display. They are equipped with a diode flashlight. You can use the flashlight for lighting, but also for sending light signals. The feature that turns off the radio after four seconds of non-use is an increased battery saving.

Walkie Talkie Dignity T-388

 Automatic mute is the elimination of unnecessary noise. You can choose from five different melodies. Two-way radios are small and hold well in the hand.

Walkie Talkie Dignity T-388

 You have 8 channels at your disposal without permission to use in Poland and Europe.

Walkie Talkie Dignity T-388

 You can also use any number of walkie-talkies  connecting them together on one channel.

Walkie Talkie Dignity T-388

ATTENTION:  Markings on the housing interchangeably "Vordon"  or "Dignity"  The same manufacturer brands the same product in two ways. Once we get devices with the Vordon logo and once Dignity. Please be aware that you will receive a walkie-talkie with one of these markings.


A flashlight:Built-in
Amount of melody:5
Battery:Automatic saving
Functions:automatic mute - elimination of waves and unnecessary noise
Indicator:low battery
Key sound:YES
Power:4x AAA batteries (not included)
Range:up to 5km
Signaling:Signal terminating transmission

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