Shark MXR101 hand mixer

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No more tiring of manual work

Mikser ręczny Shark MXR101

Does a good mixer have to be big and expensive?

A good mixer  has to mix well. Because mixers are used for this, they were created to replace whisks and make life easier in the kitchen. Inexpensive, small and will whip the foam once. Mixer I will mix the dough  for pancakes, turn the mass and butter. In hand mixers, the most important are rotations and stirrers . Such a mobile and light device will find its place in every kitchen and will not cause difficulties with its weight even during the longest mixing. We can use it in a set with different bowls. It is difficult to imagine kitchen activities without the use of such mixers. Mixer selection it depends on what you need it for, if you don't bake wholesale quantities then a hand mixer will be the best choice.

Mikser ręczny Shark MXR101

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Mikser ręczny Shark MXR101

Shark MXR101 mobile and light hand mixer

Such mixer it's comfort, it won't be difficult even after longer mixing. Food processor  Shark MXR101 is a handy robot with 180W power. It has five different speeds, which allows for mixing  masses of different consistencies. An additional turbo function is the compacting of even this resistant and dense mass. The set includes two types of agitators, foam and light mixers and an agitator - a hook for these slightly denser products. The color version of the mixer is white with a vivid orange accent. Shark mixer  MXR101 is comfort and functionality, it's excellent quality at an affordable price.

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