Uniden EZI33 XLT Broadband scanner

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Uniden EZI 33XLT

Uniden EZI 33XLT is a hand-held compact scanner. Includes VHF, FM, Airband, VHF and UHF bands. This scanner replaced the previous Uniden UBC30XLT model. The small size of Uniden Ezi 33XLT makes it easy to use, it can also be attached to the belt. The scanner is made of durable materials. fixed channels are placed in nine banks, one for each scanning range, which allows very easy access to all programmed frequencies. The scanner searches for all available frequencies described in the table below, making it easy for novice users. Uniden EZI 33XLT also has functions to control the scanning process, such as start search, stop, and jump to the next active channel, saving Favorite channels in memory banks, deleting them, saving 3 quick access channels, etc.

Uniden EZI 33XLT

 Frequency tables: (I Band plan)
78MHz - 87.295MHz LOW 5 KHz VHF-L
87.3MHz - 107.950MHz FM 50 KHz FMB
108MHz - 136.991MHz AIR 8.33 KHz AIR
137MHz - 174MHz HIGH 6.25 KHz VHF-H
406MHz - 512MHz UHF 6.25 KHz UHF

 Preset frequency ranges for scanning are; EMG, FRN, PMR, MRN-Sea

Uniden EZI 33XLT

Uniden EZI 33XLT
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