Paint thickness gauge MGR-10-S-AL

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Minimal cost compared to benefits.

Verify "accident-free" and check it yourself

When buying a car, do not assume in advance that what the seller says about his car is true. We have heard many times about how the car from under the needle turned out after a while  was crazy  leveled, straightened, varnished. In order not to be fooled by the convincing assurances of the owner let's get in  varnish meter.  It rarely happens like this accident varnishing that this instrument cannot detect. This is a great investment that will pay off immediately after buying a car. The electronic device will help examine the whole the surface of the car  and will signal the changes immediately  in the thickness of the varnish.

Easy and safe measurement in a second.

Varnish gauges  on the market there are plenty to stock up on one that  will measure the thickness of the varnish  also on aluminum, this can be useful for cars with some components made of aluminum. And that's how it is Paint thickness gauge MGR-10-S-AL .It automatically recognizes the type of substrate and the display will show FE (steel) or AL (aluminum). The test lasts a second, just put the paint probe and we know the condition of the car we are going to buy.
 For example, a message on the display: 320 um AL informs us that it is second coat of varnish  and that the car is equipped with  aluminum body parts

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