Long Range DVB-T Antenna All-Ant ATX-91 120km

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ATX-91 / 5900000005249
ATX-91 is a directional antenna for DVB-T digital terrestrial television.
Antena telewizyjna do 120km
The original product of the Polish manufacturer All-Ant. The manufacturer gives the antenna range up to 120 km from the transmitter. The antenna is made of aluminum, steel parts galvanized or powder coated, plastic parts ABS
Antena TV All-Ant ATX-91
The antenna is equipped with a balun. Under particularly difficult reception conditions, the impedance transformer can be replaced with a plate amplifier. However, it should be remembered that the amplifier requires additional power supply. We recommend using amplifiers as a last resort, because too strong a signal causes as much trouble with reception as too weak. Therefore, the installation of the antenna should start with the passive antenna, adding an amplifier only if necessary.
Symetryzator antenowy

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