MESKO MS 2906 wireless shaver, x3 head + Trimmer

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Get rid of disposables once and for all.

No jams, electric shave quickly and painlessly

Whatever the advantages of disposable items, they will lose in the run with an electric razor . There is no risk of jamming, no tiring flushing of the blade, no more buying a new one. Fast and extremely comfortable  you'll shave with an electric razor . There are two main machine groups on the market; electric head machine  and shaver with cutting foil . Head shavers are shavers with two, three or four round clusters of blades and shavers with foil have an elongated tip equipped with a special foil with many holes placed at different angles. And we will focus here on such a shaver with foil.

 Device characteristics:

 - Triple shaving system
 - Retractable trimmer
 - Battery powered
 - Maximum power: 3W
 - Charging signal lamp
 - Rubber trim

Is the shaver with elongated blades as good as the head shaver?

The foil in the shaver, along with a set of blades, will be catch hair growing in different directions.  It's better to choose for this type of equipment shaver with triple cutting foil , the double foil may leave a slightly unshaven face in some cases. MESKO MS 2906 shaver  it's a wireless machine, we won't be embarrassed by any cables, so we can use it anywhere, anytime. We just have to remember to charge the shaver. The power of a shaver is 3W. The device is well made, it fits well in your hand and the rubber finish prevents the shaver from slipping in your hand. When the shaver is being charged, the diode that indicates this operation is on.

 Set contains:
 - Mesko MS 2906 shaver
 - Case
 - Cleaning brush
 - Charger
 - User manual (also in Polish)
 - Warranty Card
 - VAT invoice or receipt

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