Boombox Kruger & Matz KM6101 MP3, CD, FM, USB

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Take the muse with you

Kruger&Matz KM6101 boombox

Why do I need a boombox?

Probably each of us has some kind of equipment playing at home, but such radio  is the perfect equipment to take with you. It is hard to consider a mobile tower or home theater, but such equipment will diversify any trip to the open air and at home can stand anywhere. recommend Kruger headunit & Matz KM6101 , which thanks to its small dimensions and handy folding handle will make your time more pleasant wherever you take it. Some said that the time for such equipment has long since passed, but they were wrong, boomboxes  they still have it and are bought as eagerly as bluetooth speakers or other music equipment.

Radioodtwarzacz CD USB Kruger&Matz KM6101

Features of a good boombox

The Krüger & Matz CD headunit has an AUX input, a USB port and CD player, so you can listen to your favorite songs from CDs CD, pendrive, or other external media (players MP3, cell phones).  Built-in radio tuner  it's a must for those who can not imagine a day without a daily dose of current information. Its small size and ability to power batteries make it an extremely mobile equipment. KM6101 is equipped with large LCD display and speakers  ensuring excellent quality sound.

Boombox przenośny Kruger&Matz KM6101

 Polish instruction included, manufacturer's warranty 24m, fv or receipt.

Kruger&Matz KM6101 w opakowaniu fabrycznym


Battery:6 LR14 batteries
Dimensions: 200 x 115 x 205 mm
Enter jack:3.5 mm
Power consumption:15W
Radio:AM / FM
Receiver power supply:220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Usb port:Yes

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