Voice Kraft VK2 megaphone

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It's a shame about your throat

Megafon Voice Kraft VK2

Are you looking for something that will strengthen your voice?

Portable megaphone  is used to provide information at a distance, to break through your own voice through noise. We meet them, every step, on the roof of a car driving with advertising, in various noisy production plants, on pilgrimages, marches, various gatherings and protests. In these mobile megaphones  we do not need incredible sound quality, stereo voice, HiFi or other additions and functions. It's more about range and volume. There are different megaphones on the market, because they are needed in different situations. Let's focus on a portable megaphone today. Its low price and many features make it small portable tube enjoys quite a lot of success

Megafon Voice Kraft VK2

We recommend the Voice Kraft VK2 portable megaphone

Voice Kraft VK2 is a megaphone that will be useful wherever you need the support of your voice. Megaphone  it is light and very comfortable. It has built-in microphone  and loud alarm siren.  The megaphone has Housing clean sound and long range. Irreplaceable at matches, sports competitions, concerts, pilgrimages, assemblies and protests. It has handles and a strap that makes it easy to wear. The megaphone is made of ABS plastic. Access to the volume control and function buttons is very convenient. The megaphone is powered by R20 batteries. It is possible to connect a battery pack
 (batteries not included).

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