Waterproof AquaPIX W1024 Splash 10Mpix blue

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Everyone who likes to relax in the pool, look for treasures in the sea, should have a camera that will capture the most interesting moments, both above and below the water. The W1024 digital camera provides fantastic photos, even when immersed to a depth of three meters. The pictures are razor sharp even in the rapid current of the river, due to the anti-shaking function. In addition to the fantastic possibilities of underwater photography. The camera is perfect for taking ordinary photos in any situation and in all conditions.

 The camera is simple and has an intuitive menu. Despite the fact that the menu is in a foreign language (English, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Spanish), you do not feel the lack of Polish and every child will take wonderful photos with it without knowledge of foreign languages.

 W1024 blue camera
 USB cable
 Battery set
 Hand strap
 Case, tasteful case
 CD-ROM from ArcSoft MediaImpression
 User manual jang (we did not see the sense of translation, due to the simplicity of use and intuitive menu)

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