TERRA MT47 Modulator channels 1-12 and 21-69

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The MT47 double-band modulator has microprocessor control - the choice of output channel is made after removing the housing with the help of two buttons, and its number (like each parameter described below, whose value can be changed) is displayed on the LED display. The channel number and other parameter values ​​are saved in non-volatile memory. The use of a quartz stabilization system (PLL) ensures almost zero frequency error. These modulators can be cascaded. They also allow the sum of the modulated signal with the terrestrial TV signal. It is possible to protect the modulator against accidental change of parameters.

 The MT47 modulator is monophonic. It has two audio inputs: for the left and right channels, however, they are added together. It should be noted that compared to previous series of modulators, Terra has implemented more PAL standard variations.

It is possible:
 - video carrier frequency adjustment,
 - changes in sound carrier modulation depth,
 - changes in the distance between the audio carrier and the video carrier,
 - input level adjustment and audio signal deviation.

 These modulators are an excellent solution both in home installations and in small collective installations. The extremely stringent quality control at Terra makes these devices virtually trouble-free.

How to set the modulator - CLICK HERE

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