2.4 GHz microstrip antenna 17 dbi N gold socket


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The microstrip antenna can be used in subscriber's points in situations of high density of networks working in the same band. The antenna can also be mounted on base stations in a set of several antennas connected by a splitter. This may be necessary if there is a risk of interference between the base stations and the omnidirectional antenna cannot be used. Fastening with a handle 30 degrees up down.
Antena mikropaskowa 2,4 GHz 17 dbi gniazdo N goldAntena mikropaskowa 2,4 GHz 17 dbi gniazdo N gold
Antena mikropaskowa 2,4 GHz 17 dbi gniazdo N gold


Band:2,400 - 2,4835 GHz
Connector:Socket N
Dimensions: 210x210x30mm
Housing:Plastic and aluminum, silver
Impedance:50 Ω
Profit:17 dBi
Polarization:Horizontal, vertical
Radiation:front back> 35dB
Radiation angle:in the vertical plane E 14.2 degrees, in the horizontal plane H 14.2 degrees
V.s.w.r.:1.5: 1
Weight:0.4 kg
Working temperature:-40 - +75 degrees

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Zdecydowanie polecam. Próbowałem już różnych "wynalazków", te antenki spisują się znakomicie.


Rewelacyjne antenki, tuby typu yagi nie mają z nimi szans.

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