GSM 11.5dBi antenna for ZTE modems with socket TS-9


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Antena GSM 11,5dbi do modemów ZTE z gniazdem TS-9

How to improve LTE signal?

We know this feeling of rage when the signal breaks or falls coverage of our network . If you want to avoid this feeling in the future, you must amplify the signal . The reason for poor coverage are often thick walls, lots of electronic equipment interfering with the signal, we can look for reasons for a long time, but why? Just invest in a good one  external antenna . The strength of each antenna is measured in dBi, colloquially saying gain, determining its power in relation to the isotropic antenna. If we have to  extend range , strengthen and stabilize it we need a decent one  antennas with a gain over 10 dBi.

Antena GSM 11,5dbi zdjęcie poglądowe

Which external antenna for the modem do you recommend?

Our  GSM antenna  due to the fact that it has exceptionally high signal gain , will perfectly solve the problem of poor coverage. The antenna is equipped with an integrated 5-meter cable, which is ended with a universal TS9 connector, which fits most ZTE modems . The antenna has 11dBi gain and works wherever you need such a solution. The magnetic base is a quick and simple antenna assembly on any flat and metal surface. A long 5-meter cable allows free movement of the antenna and placing it where the range will be the most optimal.
 On sale the antenna itself, the modem shown in the photo is not included in the set.


Cable length: 5m
Diameter:75mm magnetic base
Frequency:890-960 1710-2150 MHZ
Height:43 cm
Length:41cm radiator
Profit:11.5 dBi

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