500W Voice Kraft Car Audio Amplifier


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Voice Kraft
The high quality VK239 car amplifier with a maximum power of 500W will make your car's sound system take on a new dimension. Two-channel VoiceKraft amplifier allows you to connect 2 speakers with an impedance of 4 ohm. The amplifier has low pass filters as well as a mosfet converter.
Moc maksymalna: 2 x 220 W Moc znamionowa: 2 x 50 W
The use of a subwoofer filter greatly improves the sound quality. Accurate control of the amplifier's output power through the use of smooth gain control (GAIN knob). The knobs can also be used to adjust the bass (BASS) and treble (TREBLE). The 2 x RCA input allows us to connect the radio to the amplifier via a typical audio cable, or via the HI-INPUT input
Wzmacniacz samochodowy VK 239
Maximum power: 2 x 220 W
Rated power: 2 x 50 W
Frequency response: 45 Hz - 30,000 Hz
Thermal protection: power transistors
Dimensions: 164 x 45 x 150 mm
Wzmacniacz VoiceKraft VK239
Full adjustment of the amplifier's parameters
- smooth regulation of input power (gain) by means of two GAIN knobs
- MINI EQUALIZER: smooth bass and treble adjustment (knobs)
- power indicator
- Protection systems: Short-circuit protection system. Overload protection system. Overheat protection system.


Dimensions:164 x 45 x 150 mm
Maximum power:2 x 220 W
Security:thermal: power transistors

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