Satel OC40-172 alarm control panel housing

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MW Power

Obudowa central alarmowych Satel OC40-17SAT

 The housing is used for power supply and storage of a working alarm panel of the Intruder Alarm System (SSWiN). The diversity of the hole spacing results in a great versatility of the applied models of control panels from different manufacturers. The housing is adapted for wall mounting in a vertical position. Inside there is a place for an AGM maintenance-free battery. To protect against opening, the front plate is screwed together. It is also possible to mount a lock with a key to prevent unauthorized access to the housing.

 - versatility, the same housing fits many models of several manufacturers
 - two levels of output voltage (16 / 18V AC)
 - place for maintenance-free AGM battery 7Ah, 18Ah
 - cooperation with LMRA and MW-Power lead-acid batteries
 - marking of zones, outputs.

Obudowa central alarmowych Satel OC40-17SAT

 Dimensions: 90 * 300 * 320mm

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