DIPOL 16 / 21-60 DVB-T TV antenna + 42dBi amplifier

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The external antenna is designed to receive digital DVB-T signal broadcast from terrestrial transmitters as well as an analog signal. It is characterized by small dimensions and high profit. Built-in amplifier provides total antenna gain up to 42 dBi.
Antena telewizyjna Dipol 16/21-60 digital
Mounting the antenna is not a hassle - it only involves fixing the reflector with two screws. The antenna is packed in foil. The antenna parts are made of aluminum. Galvanized steel construction elements ensure long life and stability in all conditions.
Wzmacniacz antenowy z zasilaczem
The antenna box has an LNA-177 B4009 amplifier with 30 dB gain. The antenna cable is attached to it using the F connector. The power supply D0010 is included in the set.
Antena kierunkowa naziemnej telewizji cyfrowej DVB-T
Technical data
Model DIPOL 16 / 21-60 DIGITAL
Channels 21-60
Profit [dBi] 42
Front / back radiation [dB] 19-26
H polarization (V after turning 90 °)
Number of elements 14
Output impedance [Om] 75
Packing box
Standing wave ratio 1.1 - 3
Dimensions [mm] 890x320x410

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