Garden hose 50m 1/2 "3 layers 20bar

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IBO GARDEN 1/2 50m
Garden hose IBO GARDEN, 50m long and 1/2 "size. Made of high quality PVC. It is characterized by strength and exceptional durability.
1st layer - internal, protective black PVC resistant to UV and algae deposition
2nd layer - polyester cross braid made of synthetic fiber
3rd layer - reinforced outer, made of soft PVC
Wąż ogrodowy 30m 1/2"
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Diameter: 1/2 "
Length: 50 meters
3-layer garden hose made of PVC
Bursting pressure: 20 bar
Temperature range -10 degrees C to +50 degrees C °
Resistant to UV solar radiation and algae deposition
Polyester cross braid
For every season of the year
Wąż 3-warstwowy

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