Universal priming emulsion Amigrunt 5L


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The universal priming emulsion can be used for coating concrete, cement, gypsum, dry plaster and other substrates. It can be used inside and outside, for thermal insulation systems. The agent has additives that create an environment unfriendly to fungi and mold. The emulsion penetrates deep into the substrate, strengthens it and protects it against moisture. The agent can be used to protect concrete surfaces, floors, screeds and joints. After application, it creates a coating that facilitates cleaning of these surfaces and reduces dust deposition.
Emulsja gruntująca uniwersalna
AMIGRUNT covered floors are more resistant to surface abrasion and easier to maintain. The agent used under wallpapers, paints, adhesives or self-leveling floors reduces the consumption of these materials and strengthens the bond strength. By using a primer, for example, in some cases the required number of paint layers can be reduced from 2 to 1, which saves half of the paint costs. AMIGRUNT emulsion is a ready-to-use product.
Packaging: 5l
Coverage: 5-20 m² / l

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