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Media-Tech MT6513 vacuum sealer with a hose for vacuum containers / bags.

Zgrzewarka próżniowa MT6513

Is a vacuum sealer really so useful at home?

Just buy sealer and use it once and you won't give it back for any money. Food that you pack in the bag and you will vacuum pack will last much longer in the refrigerator than normally stored. Food that you freeze packed in a vacuum can stay in the freezer for up to several months longer. If you think that this is the end of its usefulness welders then you are wrong.

Opakowanie zgrzewarki Media-Tech MT6513

If you want to pack something properly so that no dust gets into it, just put it in the bag, empty the air and close it tightly . And cooking? Try it at least once vacuum-packed food and cooked warm, you will immediately feel the difference, not only the dish has lost nothing of its nutritional value, but also all the spices have penetrated deep inside.

Pakowarka próżniowa MT6513

Does the vacuum sealer have to be large and expensive?

Welder Media-Tech MT6513 has two functions, vacuum packs sucking air from the bag and seals the edges of the foil . You receive the package this way hermetically sealed . The maximum welding machine sucks 4 liters of air per minute. The welding line is 30 centimeters.

Zgrzewarka Camry MT6513 do pakowania próżniowego

Welder It is not only a great home addition - it will also work perfectly at a meat, fish or food stand. And in the shipping company he will be a great helper, he will pack small things and protect them from moving during shipping.

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The Media-Tech MT6513 set includes:
Vacuum packing machine with a foil sealer
Hose for vacuum containers

MT6513 foliarka próżniowa
Air suction speed: 4l / min
Suction pressure: 55kPa
Suction / Sealing: Automatic
Sealing width: 30cm
Tube for suction from vacuum containers
For packing dry and wet food
Convenient touch panel

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