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LEON is an effective agent for removing residues of various types of cement mortars as well as dirt, lime, rust, grout and other materials. The agent can be used both inside and outside the building, it is suitable for cleaning ceramic tiles, clinker, stone, glass, ceramics and chrome, varnished and other surfaces. Due to the fact that LEON contains inorganic acids, in case of any doubts, first perform a test on an invisible surface to see if the strong action of the agent will not damage the surface.
Promacol Leon 1L
Application: Dampen heavily soiled and thick layers of old mortar with LEON liquid without diluting, soak discolored or less dirty areas with diluted liquid according to the table below. Warning! The liquid dissolves all types of cement mortars, therefore washing e.g. grout remains from cement surfaces may wash out the cement coating. After cleaning, the surface should be washed with water.
- capacity - 1 liter
- ready for use - old, thick coatings, the strongest contamination from mortars
- 1: 3 to 1: 6 - cement contamination and tarnish, mortar residues
- 1:10 - lime residues, dirt, rust stains

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