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E-NIGMA MT5107 biometric scanner by Media-Tech. The reader uses a USB interface, so it will fit most computers operating on Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 32/64 bit. The device provides secure access to banking platforms, applications and data with the touch of a finger.
Czytnik linii papilarnych do komputera
Traditional password protection is slowly being replaced by more secure forms of identification. A fingerprint cannot be intercepted or cracked like a password. E-NIGMA will recognize the assigned fingerprints within 0.5 seconds to decrypt the data you want to access.
Błyskawiczna identyfikacja na podstawie odcisku palca
Please note that:
- the pattern of fingerprints remains unchanged as they age,
- the fingerprint is unique and indelible,
- the biometric method gives 99% certainty when verifying user rights.
The device uses a scanning field to which you should put the tip of any finger, right or left hand. The system scans the finger and then analyzes the pattern of characteristic points and other finger identification features. Based on these data, access is granted to the user with subsequent touches of the reader. The installation and configuration of the device is very easy and fast.
Media-Tech MT5107
The most popular applications of fingerprint readers:
- logging in to websites and banking platforms,

- granting access to workstations, operating systems, folders or applications,
- working time registration systems.

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