Acrylic paint Primacol Fasada Eco white 10L


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The ECO Primacol Professional facade is an acrylic paint intended for painting building facades. A product with good hiding power, available in various colors. After drying, it creates a durable, matte and vapor-permeable coating with high resistance to weather conditions. For use on cement, cement-lime, gypsum and other mineral substrates. It is also suitable for painting walls inside rooms.
Farba Primacol Fasada Eco
Efficiency: 10 m² / l (one layer, depending on the type of substrate)
Capacity: 10 L.
Touch drying time: 1 h
Second layer: after approx. 4 hours
Total drying time: 24 hours
Number of layers: 2 - 3
Other: good hiding power, weather-resistant coating, colorfast, high efficiency.

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