2.4GHz / 5GHz gas lightning arrester


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The main cause of dangerous overvoltages is lightning. This damage is prevented by GAS LOCKERS. The offered lightning arrester is made of elements of high reliability and fast operation.

Odgromnik anten wifi

Gas-filled surge arrester is a device that protects radio devices against lightning or lightning. The lightning arrester is connected to the cable between the AP and the antenna and grounded via a combined ground conductor. The lightning arresters have a fuse-like element inside, which breaks the connection during a voltage spike, protecting the equipment.
Odgromnik gazowy 2,4/5Ghz
Insulation resistance: & gt; 10000 MOhm
Connector Type: N
Connector Type: Female / Socket - Male / Plug
VSWR: Below 1.7
Device loss: Less than 0.9 dB
Removable fuse: yes
Breakdown voltage: & lt; 700 V (+/- 20%)
Maximum discharge current (line-line): 5 KV
Maximum pulse power: 15W W
Dimensions: 73 x 40 x 20 mm
Total weight: 89.8 g

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