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A mixture of honey flower seeds and grasses, intended for setting up a flower meadow. Recommended for landscape lawns on various soil types. Easy to maintain and care, requires up to 2 mowing during the season, after the flowers have bloomed. It allows you to get the effect of an idyllic, beautifully flowered meadow in your own garden.
Mieszanka nasion Łąka kwietna
Package:  1kg carton (Capacity 1kg = 50m2)
zdjęcie poglądowe kwiatów
- A mixture of grass seeds and honey flowers
- Intended for setting up a meadow
- Bee-friendly flowers
- Mowing max 1-2 times in a season
- Easy to maintain and care
- Wide range of use
- Adapted to the climatic conditions in Poland
Polne kwiaty, mieszanka łąka kwiatowa
- Perennial ryegrass 41%
- Red fescue 53%
- meadow grass 4%
- Flower composition 2%
Opakowanie nasion kwietnej łąki
Calendula calendula off.fl.pl.Pac.Persimmon Beauty - measurement.
Full marigold - yellow Calendula off.fl.pl. Ball's Lemon - yellow
Decorative sunflower Helianthus ann.Sunspot Gold, low single gold yellow
Flax / perennials / Linum perenne - blue
Variable dahlia Dahlia pinnata Mignon - mix
Field poppy - red Papaver rhoeas fl.pl.
Digitalis purpurea biennial Excelsior - mix
Purple Rudbeckia Rudbeckia purpurea - (Echinacea purp.) Purpure pink
Iberis sempervirens permanent garment - white
Annual rocket
Marjoram (Oregano)
Black cumin
Seradela Emena
Blue Phacelia Solid
White mustard Radena
White broom (two-year)

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