TV with NC + card with decoder, Komfort + 6msc

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Refurbished ITI-2851S decoder with NC + card and Comfort + package and Filmbox channel for 6 months.
Telewizja na kartę NC+
How does pre-paid television work?
Pre-paid television is a great thing for those who watch TV with longer breaks, often leave, move, for those who simply do not want to be bound by any contracts for longer. Pre-paid television means access to satellite programs without signing commitments and without declaring monthly fees. We pay, we watch, we do not pay we have a reduced program offer and that's it, no one is chasing us for the lack of fees. You no longer have to pay for something you don't use.
Warning! The service works only in Poland.
Pakiet Komfort+
TV with NC + card and decoder
How much does pre-paid TV cost? You will not pay anything for the first 6 months, because choosing the ITI2851S decoder from NC + TV you have 6 months in advance. And after this period, you decide for what time you buy access, you can buy for a month and you can for several months. Every time after a month has been paid, you have access to the basic package for the next 30 days.
Dekoder ITI2851S hdmi scart euro
Warning! After activating the NC + service, the product cannot be returned.
Refurbished ITI2851S decoder with a warranty and warranty for 12 months, implemented through the NC + service (if you want to submit the equipment for a warranty, please do it directly to the manufacturer, according to the instructions on the warranty card). Decoder equipped with SAT, HDMI, SCART, Ethernet, Audio SPDIF and USB connectors. The decoder has the function of recording to an external disk with a minimum capacity of 80GB. Remote control and power supply included.
Dekoder NC+ z usługą na kartę Komfort+ Filmbox
ITI-2851S decoder
Remote control with batteries
NC + card with purchased Comfort + and Filmbox service for 6 months
Instruction, warranty card

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