Circulation pump for CO OHI PLUS + 25-60 / 180 IBO


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OHI PLUS+25-60/180
Pompa obiegowa OHI PLUS+25-60/180 IBO
IBO circulation pumps are designed for forcing circulation in small and medium-sized central heating circuits. Pumps are only used in water circuits. Thanks to the use of special construction materials, the pump is very resistant to high water temperature up to 110 ° C and high pressure of 10 bar. Pumps of this brand are characterized by high energy efficiency, easy installation and reliable operation.
Pompa cyrkulacyjna OHI PLUS+25-60/180 3 biegi
Mounting standard 180 mm. 1 1/2 inch / 1 "connection.
Pompa do centralnego ogrzewania OHI PLUS+25-60/180 marki IBO
The pump has an adjustable rotational speed with 3 ranges of operation:
1st gear | 46W | max lifting 3m | max capacity 22 l / min
2nd gear | 63W | max lifting 5m | max capacity 38 l / min
3rd gear | 93W | max lifting 6m | max capacity 55 l / min

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