Hand and surface disinfectant Discreet spray 25ml


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Medicor 25ml
A bactericidal preparation for disinfecting hands in the form of a convenient spray without the need to rinse with water. For general use.
Płyn do dezynfekcji rąk w sprayu
Directions for use:
Sprinkle on your hands, spread and wait 30 seconds. Repeat the action. The fluid does not require rinsing, just wait for it to evaporate
Płyn antybakteryjny w sprayu 25 ml
- The period from application to obtaining a biocidal effect is 60 seconds.
- Do not use on damaged or irritated skin
- The fluid is conveniently sprayed
- No water required. It is very useful in situations where we do not have access to water
- It can also be used in the household when you want to make sure your hands are hygienically clean
- The disinfecting liquid perfectly deals with bacteria and fungi that may be present on your hands (99.9% efficiency)
- Easy to spread even in hard-to-reach places: between the fingers and on the nails.
- Dries quickly, leaving hands refreshed and disinfected
- The fluid nourishes and protects and helps keep the skin soft and moisturized
- Perfect for travel
Technical data:
Color: colorless
Form: disinfectant liquid
Capacity: 25 ml

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