Natural expanded clay 2L Garden granules 8-25 mm

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E 2L
Expanded expanded clay dedicated to drainage of potted plants. Dumped on the surface of the earth, it limits water evaporation and weed growth. Digged loosening and aerating the soil.
Keramzyt ogrodowy frakcja 8-25mm
Expanded clay - lightweight aggregate, fired from clay clay at a temperature of approx. 1150 ° C. Swelling clays are used for production. After initial grinding and plasticizing, the material is directed to rotary kilns. In the firing process, material is obtained in the shape of round or oval lumps of various fractions. Clay significantly increases its volume during sintering. Each of the porous "balls" inside is covered with a hard ceramic coating
Keramzyt ogrodniczy zgjęcie real w opakowaniu
packaging: 2L
size (fraction): 8-25 mm
Package weight: 0.8 kg

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