1.5Ah / 12V 25Nm cordless screwdriver 2x batteries

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Comfortable operation and versatility
Wkrętarka akumulatorowa 1,5Ah/12V 25Nm Powermat
Quick change of RPM range
The 2-speed operating mode is selected using a dedicated switch located on the top of the screwdriver. This allows you to quickly change the speed range for slower or faster screwdriving.
Wide adjustment range
The screwdriver is equipped with a clutch having 18-position torque adjustment for effective screwing of various sizes of screws into various materials. And also a two-speed switch that changes the speed range of the screwdriver (0-400rpm / 0-1300rpm).
Wkrętarka aku Powermat
Ergonomics and ease of use
The handle has been covered with soft ANTI-SLIP material, thanks to which the device lies securely in your hand and is comfortable to use. In addition, the comfort of work is increased by the low weight of a 1kg screwdriver with a battery installed.
2 Li-ion batteries (Li-Ion)
Lithium-ion batteries do not need to be fully discharged before recharging. With other types of batteries this is not possible, because then their life is shortened due to the so-called memory effect. The Li-Ion battery holds over 80% of the charge for over 90 days when not used. These types of batteries are 40% lighter and smaller than traditional ones. Two batteries in the set ensure uninterrupted operation.
The use of LED backlight for better visibility during work, will greatly facilitate screwing in and out in poorly lit places.
Wkrętarka akumulatorowa z walizką
- Drilling in ferrous and non-ferrous metals
- Fastening door fittings, decorative elements, etc.
- Installation of kitchen and bathroom cabinets
- Screwing furniture, assembling folding structures, drilling pilot holes
- Fastening lighting, electrical sockets, etc.
- Embedding wooden and PVC window frames, drilling holes and screwdriving works
- Service work
- Installation works
- Work on installing ventilation and air conditioning systems
Powermat PM-WA-12V-1.5AT widok z kilku stron
Maximum drilling diameter:
- Wood: 21mm
- Steel: 10mm
- Concrete: 10mm
Wkrętarka akumulatorowa Powermat PM-WA-12V-1.5AT
- Cordless screwdriver
- 2x 1.5Ah / 12V lithium-ion battery
- Charger
- Transport case
- User manual PL
Wkrętarka bezprzewodowa dwa biegi
- Model: PM-WA-12V-1.5AT
- Maximum battery voltage: 12V
- Rotation gear I: 0-400rpm
- Revolutions II gear: 0-1300rpm
- Max. torque: 25Nm
- Chuck diameter: 10mm
- Battery capacity: 1.5Ah
- Battery type: lithium ion
- LED lamp
- 18-stage clutch + drilling
- Spindle brake
- Weight of screwdriver with one battery: 1kg
- Weight of the whole set in a suitcase: 1.7kg

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