Dual VHF/UHF Radiotelephone TYT TH-UV88

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TH-UV88 / 9788381596398

Dual Band radio, i.e. two frequency bands: VHF (136-174MHz) and UHF (400-480MHz) - full functionality at the best price on the market today.

The TYT brand is today Baofeng's main competitor when it comes to radios. TYT TH-UV88 is structurally and qualitatively better Baofeng UV-5R or UV-82. Much better filters, etc. Factory packaging, full set of the manufacturer.

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Specification of the dual band TYT TH-UV88 radio

- VHF (136-174MHz)

- UHF (400-480MHz

- FM radio 66-108MHz

- output power up to 5W (with the possibility of limiting to 2W / 0.5W)

- very good quality of workmanship

- great price-performance ratio

- 200 programmable memory channels

- CTCSS and DSC privacy codes

- DTMF support (stun/kill/revive remote control functions)

- 2 tone/5 tone call

- very good quality of reception and broadcasting

- choice of bandwidth - wide / narrow (WFM 25 kHz / NFM 12.5 kHz)

- signal strength display

- frequency scanner

- Dual Watch - monitoring of two active frequencies

- large, clear display with white backlight (dot matrix LCD)

- ergonomic, rough housing of very good quality - fits perfectly in the hand

- dual frequency display

- tons 1750

- VOX function - voice activation of broadcasting

- voice encryption - Scrambler

- Li-ion battery 7,4V 1400mAh

- the ability to program channels and settings from the PC (option)

- integrated flashlight

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Radiotelefon TYT TH-UV88