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Computer glasses are a unique type of classic glasses, whose lenses have been enriched with a filter that blocks blue light. The product, thanks to the filter used, is intended for people who spend many hours during the day in front of the monitors of electronic devices, such as laptops, smartphones, TVs and tablets. The accessory will work both at work and for everyday use, eliminating the harmful effects of blue light.

How do these types of glasses work?
The blue light emitted by the screens of electronic devices not only affects the condition of the eyes, but also the general functioning of our body. Excessive exposure, especially in the late evening hours, when blue light is condensed, negatively affects eye hygiene and general well-being. Blue Light glasses block the flow of harmful radiation, improving the condition of the eyes and affecting the more effective functioning of the brain. An important feature of blue light glasses is that they are not corrective glasses, and therefore can be used by people who do not have a vision defect or who wear lenses on a daily basis.

Blue Blocker glasses not only protect the eyes from the negative impact of blue light, but also constitute a fashionable and stylish addition to our everyday image. The glasses have a precise and durable finish, which consists of a frame made of high-quality stainless steel resistant to damage. In turn, frames made in a modern and fashionable design give a unique character, being an effective addition to any stylization.

* Glasses can be used as frames, the ophthalmologist can easily replace the glasses with, for example: corrective.

- 100% Original
- Packed in the original packaging
- Glasses that block blue light
- Zero-emission lenses of neutral power
- Glasses coated with Blue Light filter
- Made of stainless steel
- Stylish and modern design
- Durable and precisely made
- Lightweight and fully comfortable
- Universal frame size
- Universal size
- Dimensions: 130x47x140mm

1 x Meller Computer Glasses