Automatic Non-Contact Soap Dispenser / Disinfectant Baseus Minidinos Hand Washing Machine ACXSJ-D06 green

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Professional dispensing device, makes hand washing more pleasant! Its sweet design attracts children to actively and regularly take care of hygiene and cultivate good habits.

Keeping our hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and transmitting germs to other people.

Soap in the form of foam not only protects the skin, reduces direct damage by detergents, but also can be of great interest to the child to wash his hands. And the non-contact design protects you from germs and dirt.

The automatic dispenser is simple and minimalist.  It has been equipped with an infrared sensor that dispenses liquid when the hand is approached. There are two modes of operation to choose from, making it also suitable for adults.

A WHO study found that most viruses and bacteria are transmitted through the hands, so improving hygiene in this area is particularly important.

Suitable for most hand sanitizers on the market.


  • Name: Minidinos hand washing machine
  • Color: Green
  • Main Material: ABS
  • Working voltage: 6V.
  • Working Current: 240mA
  • Rated power: 1.4W.
  • Detection Distance: 4-5cm
  • Item weight: 220g
  • Power Supply: 4 * AA batteries (not included)
  • Product code: ACXSJ-D06

* Cleaning and disinfecting agents are not included.

The most important advantages:

  • Made of high quality material, which ensures high strength and reliability of the product.
  • Sweet and simple - beautiful and useful.  The unique appearance is supported by technological aesthetics - in addition, the sweet look will encourage every child to wash their hands regularly.
  • It has two foaming modes: for 0.6 s / 1.0 s,
  • Dispenses foam within 0.25s of hand detection.
  • Transparent dispenser body so you can easily see how much liquid is left.
  • Perfect for use in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.
  • Low power consumption and economy - just insert 4 pieces of new AA batteries (not included) and use for about 6 months.

Cute appearance

The automatic dispenser helps counteract germs and encourages children to wash their hands. Extremely effective and good clean fun.

It allows the same level of cleanliness with less soap – saving money and less liquid around the sink :)

Foaming in two modes

Adjustment is done with one button. Optionally foaming for 0.6 s / 1.0 s, allows you to make the right choice - for children as well as adults.

Delicate and dense foam

The built-in fine mesh makes the foam delicate and dense, which better covers the surface of the skin and cleanses it thoroughly.


  • Angle

It is characterized by an angle of inclination of 45° - we can enjoy foaming without touching the dispenser housing; This is a convenient and quick solution. It ensures cleanliness and eliminates the need for frequent washing of the device.

  • Convenient replenishment

Increased inlet design - you can easily replenish the dispenser with both foam in bags and in bottles. No dripping or fitting.

  • Precise, noiseless motor

A high-performance micro-motor with low energy consumption was used, which is quiet and non-invasive. Powered by 4x AA alkaline batteries for durable and more comfortable use.


  1. Open the battery cover counterclockwise.
  2. Install the batteries correctly according to the pole markings on the battery compartment.
  3. Set the unlock mark on the battery cover relative to the cylindrical hole on the side wall, turn the battery cover to the right to lock and align with the cylindrical hole.
  4. Remove the straw from the available accessories and insert it into the suction hole.
  5. Pour disinfectant into the bottle.
  6. Position the handheld disinfectant at the bottom of the device and turn it counterclockwise.