Antibacterial Gloves Phone Support NOVA Gloves 200 black Size S

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Most gloves on the market do not reduce the amount of bacteria carried on the hands. Ordinary gloves leave microbes on themselves, which, in contact with our face, can reduce our immunity or lead to infection. In addition, germs transmitted on ordinary gloves, also settle in places that we touched. 

NOVA Gloves 200 made of cupro *, reduce bacterial levels by 99%. Thanks to this, we can take care of our health and other people from our environment. 

The product allows you to operate devices equipped with a touch screen. Screens of mobile devices carry hundreds of thousands of microorganisms on their surface. Thanks to the combination of the antibacterial nature of the gloves with the function of operating the phone, we are completely safe.

Extremely thin, and at the same time perfect for every season. You can use them during the winter, as well as summer.

Unlike latex or nitrile gloves, these gloves can be washed and reused. It is enough to wash them with soap and water and air dry them. Protect your health, save money and the environment.

Use them when you're in public. Perfect for riding, working in retail, exercising at the gym, refueling your car or motorcycle, shopping, using an ATM, riding public transport, and more.

Another important feature of the product is its non-slip properties. Wearing gloves do not cause objects to slip out of the hand. 

*Copper has been scientifically proven to have natural germ-killing properties.


  • Antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial,
  • Anti-slip properties,
  • Excellent ventilation,
  • Allows touch screen operation,
  • Reusable
  • Washable,
  • Excellent anti-odor properties,
  • Perfect for every season,


  • S: length 18.5 cm x wrist 7.5 cm
  • M: length 20.5 cm x wrist 7.8 cm
  • L: length 22 cm x wrist 8.2 cm
  • XL: length 23.8 cm x wrist 8.6 cm


NOVA Gloves 200