Thin diamond blade for tiles, marble 180 mm, 25,4 mm

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Tarcza diamentowa cienka Dedra H107..
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What are diamond blades for?

The best shields in the world. What are they fordiamond discs? Diamond discs are high-quality products created with the use of nanotechnology and modern composite techniques. These discs are suitable for a wide range of materials: concrete, asphalt, tiles, ethereal, plastic, granite, polymer concrete, sandstone and marble. Diamond blades are tools used by every construction company. We can divide them according to such features as: application (type of material to be cut), diameters of the type of machine used for cutting, cutting method (dry or wet), cutting speed, cutting quality.

"THIN" diamond blade

Such a shield serves for cutting glaze, ceramics, marble. It has a continuous treadmill and does not have any "teeth" adiamond layer it is applied continuously. All this makes the disc ideal for working with materials such as tiles, hard, but at the same time brittle. Perfect for tiles, glaze and some varieties of field stone. The diamond used in it will not fray the edges of the plate, and the reinforced disc makes the disc more rigid. Always be careful when handling wheels and store them properly, always store cut-off wheels horizontally and flat, and preferably on a steel plate.
Dial Diameter: 180mm
Mounting hole diameter: 25.4mm
Maximum revolutions per minute: 8,500

Thickness: 1.6mm

Dedra H107.. tarcza diament zdjęcie real