EKO-DAFI Filter softening the cartridge. Original DAFI 80697

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EKO-DAFI Filtr z opakowaniem
Filtr EKO-DAFI z żywicą jonowymienną

Original DAFI filter cartridge. Original packaging, quality guaranteed by a company that has been dealing with water filtration on the European market for over 30 years. Watch out for fakes.

Filter with ion exchange resin

It softens the water by removing calcium and magnesium ions which make it harder. Hard water causes limescale formation on heating elements of washing machines, kettles and other household appliances - it causes greater consumption of detergents and sediment on the surface of beverages.

- protects household appliances against limescale
- recommended for medium hard water
- the service life depends on the hardness and quantity of filtered water